METROPOL Asset Management


  • Investing in Mutual Funds
    Whenever there is a correction in the stock market,  the equity fund’s investments can be converted into the bond fund managed be Metropol Asset Management for better asset preservation.
  • Management of Funds Accumulated as part of Employee Pension Programs
    Efficient management of funds accumulated as part of employees’ pension programs to compliment future welfare  transactions.
  • Asset Management for Institutional Investors
    METROPOL Asset Management offers professional services both in managing assets of non-governmental pension funds and insurance funds of insurance companies. Customized approach in developing investment strategies for institutional investors considers the specific needs of their activities, legal requirements and restrictions for the content and structure of assets.
  • Alternative Investments
    To broaden the array of financial instruments and strategies, METROPOL Asset Management is aggressively seeking new investor opportunities.

Do you know, that…?

METROPOL Asset Management has established three Open-end mutual funds, each designed to meet individual strategy, return and risk objectives.

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Additional Information

Most efficient strategy for investing in mutual funds relies on additional money deposits to the funds. This strategy is likely to be most attractive as it helps iron out the fluctuations typical of the corporate stock market.

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